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Quick Action Couplings
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It is the primary objective of the OETIKER Group to provide customers with safe, reliable products.

OETIKER revolutionized the art of clamping hose, tubing and other objects made of common and the most difficult to seal and fasten materials. The company is committed to providing products that are continuously tested and evaluated to assure the highest standard in quality and performance.

Founded in Switzerland in 1943, the OETIKER Group is today a multinational company and is networked to provide a full complement of customer service, design and engineering support. OETIKER supports customers in all corners of the globe and operates in numerous countries and manufacturers in six locations. OETIKER locations worldwide are: Austria, Belgium, Canada, P.R. China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland (Headquarters), United Kingdom and The United States.

In addition to our international facilities, OETIKER, INC. also has strategically located Sales Engineers and Account Managers throughout the United States and Canada to support every facet of a customer’s requirement. We have Sales Engineers and Account Managers in: Alberta, California, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Ontario, Quebec, Texas, and Wisconsin. As well as collaboration from our distributors and master distributors nationwide.

Our product lines are used in numerous industries: aerospace, agriculture, appliance, automotive and automotive supply industry, building, bus and truck, chemicals and petrochemicals, electrical and electronic industries, food and beverage, irrigation, marine, medical, military, mining, pharmaceutical, plant maintenance, pool & spa, rail industry, repair and maintenance, respiratory protection, ship building, welding, etc.

The OETIKER name is trademark protected and the history of many patents is evidence of the importance of the OETIKER name in clamping technology world over.

The various product lines offered by OETIKER are: Clamps, Rings, Hose Menders, Swing Couplings SC, Quick Action Couplings SV, Quick Action Couplings SV (2-Stage Non-Interchangeable), Swing Couplings Accessories, Air Preparation Equipment, Manual and Pneumatic Installation Tools. Our complete line of advanced pneumatic tools, are available with on-site pneumatic tool technicians for immediate customer assistance (these tools are developed by Oetiker, for Oetiker).

OETIKER houses state-of-the-art on site thermo cycle burst, tensile application and testing capabilities. OETIKER products are manufactured by its own companies and our products are sold world-wide in over 40 countries.

Clamping Technology: OETIKER Clamps and Rings provide sealing and fastening solutions for most demanding and difficult clamping applications. Permanent, tight connection will only be released if required. For all clamping and pressure ranges, hard or soft materials, hoses, cables, or ropes. Made from tube or band, stepless, self-tensioning or reusable. Simple and straightforward installation.

Coupling Technology: OETIKER Swing Couplings allow unrestricted full flow and safe, quick connection and disconnection under pressure. Connects easily and quickly with no force required and no loss of pressure in the system. The unique design provides superior sealing, ease of operation and long service life.

OETIKER, INC. has implemented an Environmental Management System (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) and is always looking to improve this system by setting standards each year to minimize energy use, reduce noise emissions and by reducing the use of liquid and solid waste. OETIKER, INC. has been awarded with the following certificates: MSHARP Award (Michigan Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program), Clean Corporate Certificate, Pollution Prevention Certificate.

OETIKER, INC. maintains certification for the following: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, NSF/ANSI 14.