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About Tolomatic, Inc.  

Business Type: Manufacturer

Since 1954, Tol-O-Matic has been manufacturing innovative, high quality automation components. Committed to being the premier supplier of world class motion control products, Tol-O-Matic is focused on meeting customer requirements and supplying exceptional support. Product solutions are available in electro-mechanical linear, pneumatic and power transmission technologies. Tol-O-Matic is a leader in linear motion technology

Tol-O-Matic was first to market the Rodless cylinder in 1955 and also introduced the first load carrying band type Rodless cylinder. The company continues to offer innovative application solutions with products for resistance welding, plastic injection molding, medical industries and totally customized products for specialized applications.
Tol-O-Matic is a ISO 9001:2000 certified firm.

Electric Motion Control

Rodless screw and belt
  drive actuators
Guided screw actuators
Rod screw actuators
Microstepping control
Brushless servo control
Sizing and selection

Servo-driven Welding

High thrust ServoWeld    actuators
Compact integral motor    models
WeldAxis multi-axis    controls

Pneumatic Actuators

Rodless band type   cylinders, linear slides,   cable cylinders and   magnetically coupled   actuators
Rod cylinder slides
Rotary Vane Actuators

Power Transmission

Right-angle gearboxes
Industrial caliper disc   brakes, discs and   accessories
Disc cone clutches